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Positive Parenting

Parent Education Program-"Remember your R.O.O.T.S!"

As parents we want to do everything in our power to make sure our children's experience in soccer is positive. We are asking all parents, players, coaches, and officials to participate in our program and remember the components of the acronym "R.O.O.T.S." which stands for Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates, and Self.  We ask that you work to serve as a positive example with your own behavior and maybe even remind others to emphasize enjoyment, respect, the development of skills and team play as cornerstones of player's soccer experience.



Dropout rates in youth sports?* 

70% of players drop out by age 14

50% of players drop out by age 12



Too much criticism

Not having fun

Overemphasis on winning

Lack of playing time


Lack of success

Too busy and conflicts with other activities


*University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research